WTF Fridays

This dude is quite possibly the most awesome mofo I have ever seen!  The ingenuity, planning and dedication involved in pulling this off rivals some of the biggest feats in world history.  I don’t know about you, but the sunglasses hanging from the shirt really pull the entire scene together.  He’s probably gonna be a Senator or own a chain of Arby’s someday if you asked me for a prediction.


This Friday I want to talk to you about the new infomercial craze in Skin Tag Removal.  Yup!!!  You read that correctly.  Little did I know that there was such a massive skin tag epidemic in America!  But as Americans are we gonna let some random unsightly skin tags hold us down?  I think not!  Following is just a taste of whats out there now.  I’m sure you will enjoy as much as I have and maybe even develop a new stronger level of patriotism.

Feel free to thank me in your comments!  Now you know what this page is bringing to the table.  ha ha

4 comments on “WTF Fridays

      • This is exactly the type of audience participation that can make this page great! Thank you for your contribution sir!!! Common People be like Ross! Embrace the WTF that is boiling inside you all week right here on this page!

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